Sringar Hair Design hopes that all our clients are doing well in this uncertain time and staying safe. We are working hard to adapt our salon practices to meet the needs of our beloved clients, in a manner that ensures the highest standard of safety. We deeply value the conversations we have had in the last 16 years, and we miss the joyous gatherings we have in our space. This pause in the world has facilitated some deep reflection on the things that really matter to us – in particular, and above all else – the love we share in the community, the storytelling which takes place in our salons, the connections we nurture.


We are overjoyed to announce our new location at 180 Mass. Ave, right by Capitol Theater, Quebrada, among other long-standing and cherished Arlington businesses. We hope to see more presence from our friends in Cambridge. We deeply value the time we spent at 369 Mass Ave, the friends we made, the beautiful space we built with our clients. We know our new location will have the same vibrant culture that we created in the old location. It has been an absolute honor to serve the Arlington community in these past years, in particular to have met the challenge of surviving as a business in the middle of a global pandemic. It simply would not have been possible without the clients who supported the business. These times are truly unprecedented and we are grateful for our community which has carried us through the uncertainty. 


Our urgency in moving location was to have a bigger space to accommodate social distancing measures. We are grateful to you for bearing with us through this transition, and excited for the potential of the new space – cherishing the memories we built at 369 Mass Ave. We hope to broaden the community in our new location, to make new friends, to make new connections in the salon. 


Of course the open concept living-room culture of salons are being challenged by the need for social-distancing. Our new location, at 180 Mass Ave. is 11,050 sq feet and boasts 2 ventilation systems. There will be ample space to exceed social distancing needs. We have two separate threading rooms for all hair removal and skincare needs.


Sringar is committed, above all else, to client and employee safety at this time. We are taking every measure possible to ensure the highest standards of safety. 


  • First and foremost – we request urgently that you refrain from booking if you have been in contact with someone Covid-19 positive, or feel any of the symptoms associated with the virus.
  •  When you walk into the salon, your temperature will be taken and your hands will be sanitized
  • Clients and employees must be masked at all times in the salon. 
  • We are sanitizing every single chair and workstation thoroughly in between each client. 

We maintain social distancing and place 20 feet (over three times the recommended social distance guidelines) between chairs, with no more than 3 clients in the salon at a time.

Sringar Hair Design is at 180 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington. Call 781-648-8200 or visit